Normally the only post I do on Fridays is our Quote of the week. But when I got the invite to join in this link up from Amber Nicole, Lulu & Sweet Pea and Fantastical Sharing of Recipes I just couldn’t resist joining in!

The rules said to take one picture an hour for a day. No specifications on how long a day. Just one picture an hour for a day in the life. So, here goes. A day in the life of Idyllwild….

9am – Coffee and Breakfast:

10am – Work, Work, Work finally back to blogging after all the store launch hoopla! Working in my Hootsuite dashboard here:

11am – More Coffee:

12pm – Oooops! I was probably stuffing my face somewhere:

1pm – Post Office time. I love the vintage P.O. boxes at my local Post Office. Sadly my lovely little box had no mail:

2pm – Driving to Seal Beach, my second favorite beach city (Long Beach is of course my first.) I have a Mother’s Day gift ritual. There is a store in Seal Beach called Old Vintage Cottage. For the last five years I have bought my moms Mothers Day present there every year. It’s cute, it’s kitchy, it’s SO my Mom!

3pm – Gift appropriated! I’d show you what I bought, but that’s a whole other post…

4pm – Since I made the (all be it short) drive to Seal Beach I decided to spend some time walking and shopping in this fabulous little town. If it looks familiar to you that would be because it was actually the location that was used for the American Pie 2 Movie.
Seal Beach

5pm – After all the shopping and wandering my Seal Beach Journey ended at the Seal Beach Pier. After all, why visit a beach city and not visit the beach.
Seal Beach 2

6pm – Once my Seal Beach journey ended I headed to Trader Joe’s to get some wine to pair with the meats, cheeses, breads and sauces I bought in Seal Beach.

7pm – Time to make dinner with all of my tasty treats!

8pm – Dinner time! Way too hot for cooking! Solution? Meat, cheese, fruit, bread, wine, yum!

9pm – Back to work. Blogging with my baby!

10pm – Forgive the insanely large T.V. My guilty pleasure, watching Chuck on Netflix. I know, nerd alert.

11pm – Wine, oh how I love thee.

And, with that, to all a good night! Now, before you too jealous thinking that I have a lovely and carefree life, keep in mind that this was my day off. A normal day for me would pretty much look like 9am to 11am on a constant loop!

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