Photo Credits

vintage cameras
Photo from The Patrician

While I would love to claim ownership of all of the photos posted here, it simply isn’t so. Some of the images have randomly been accumulated over the years from various blogs, websites, and other sites. A lot of them would be impossible for me to track down the source of. While I do try my best to credit the images or at very least link them back to the sites they came from, if I have posted an image that belongs to you that you don’t want shared please contact me and I’ll remove it promptly. If I have used a photo and you would like it credited, please feel free to contact me at

As far as my own photographs, feel free to copy, distribute, and display the photos for non commercial purposes only. Nothing may be altered and you must link back to us, it’s just good manners. Commercial websites must contact me for written permission of use.

Thanks for your support. Happy Blogging!


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